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"The only thing we guarantee with our oak is that every plank will be different. You wouldn't find identical twins in a forest; embrace nature"

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If wood flooring could speak it would have some amazing stories to tell you. More than 60 years of sunrises and sunsets go into making our wood floors and with so many specifications, colour and finish options on offer you can create a unique natural floor that will grow old with you.

The most popular style of Oak flooring in the UK is for a rustic grade plank and the majority of Kersaint Cobb’s collections reflect this. This timber has survived many seasons and has lots of stories to tell, which is reflected through its character appearance which has colour variances, large and small filled knots and cracks, and sapwood all of which add to the natural beauty and individuality of our floors.


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Kersaint Cobb’s range of wood flooring include Tongue and Groove planks as well as Click allowing for an easier fitting experience.


Kersaint Cobb’s Heritage Parquet range includes six unique patterns of wood block flooring. Heritage Parquet features a unique ‘mesh-backing’ to allow a speedy installation so you can install multiple staves in one go. It comes as an unfinished product ready to accept bespoke colours or oils of your choice.


Kersaint Cobb are ecologically minded and fully committed to respecting the environment. Their wood flooring is sourced from well-established and reliable mills in various countries. All have been inspected by themselves and have high credentials with regards sourcing raw materials from well managed and commissioned forests. All their products comply with EUTR legislations.

Information taken from Kersaint Cobb's website and/or marketing materials.

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